Solar Panels At ISB?!?

Some of the Renovations that ISB may go through in the next 10 years

December 17, 2019

“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.”  This is a famous quote by Lon Watters, a teacher who taught in Georgia and St. Petersburg during the mid-1990s. In our school classrooms, there aren’t necessarily 4 walls, but it is true that they are full of tomorrows. This quote sends a clear message to the educators: the school has a duty to serve as a suitable place for students to grow up and reach their potential. I would say ISB  is doing a very good job fulfilling its duty. It has the newest technologies, sophisticated education programs, and noble values.

“A school is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.””

— Lon Watters

But even so, the school keeps on moving forward every day, every month and every year.

ISB is currently exploring, planning and making many changes, both major and minor. Mr. Marc de Vries, the Chief Financial Officer at ISB, claims “Learning and facility requirements are changing all the time and at ISB we want to keep our excellent facilities current and future proof.” Led by Mr. de Vries, committees made up of students, teachers, and stakeholders have been meeting to plan for changes to the school in response to the students’ needs. Of the numerous plans that were proposed, the ones that best match the common theme of transparency, sustainability, and the balance between Thai & International features have been chosen to be made into an actual plan. 

Here are the highlights of some Improvements that this school is planning or considering to make in the short-term (1-3 years), mid-term (4-6 years) and long-term (8 years+).


  • Solar panel & air purification

    • The solar panels are meant to supply the school with electricity that relies on renewable energy so that we do not have to rely on energy produced in thermal plants. The air purification system will provide ISB members with better air quality.
  • Cultural Center

    • The CC building will be upgraded by installing a sound recording studio. There will also be language labs for students from elementary to high school. Some classrooms will be updated.

Mid-term (2023-2025):

  • Elementary school elevators

    • With the increasing need for barrier-free facilities for those with disabilities, the school is planning to provide them with elevators. The elevators may also help people carry loads upstairs.

Innovation center

    • There may be a new space called innovation center where arts and tech facilities gather. It may be built next to the Chevron Theater or on top of the parking lot which is planned to be moved underground.

Long-term (2026-)

  • Underground parking

    • The parking lot may be moved underground so that there would be new space for other projects. The space may be used for making the school greener because one of the policies of this reform is to balance the grey and green of concrete and plants.
  • Athletic facilities (Auxi gym & pool)

    • By covering the 25Mpool with roof and raising the floor of the Auxi gym and the ES gym, there would be space for a new gym with a larger area for other outdoor activities.

      A blueprint of some of the changes ISB is looking into completing by 2024.

Mr. de Vries leads this renovation with the goal to ensure that the school facilities reflect the learning that goes on in our school. “Our facility master plan looks eight years ahead and we know that within this time our needs may change. That is why we will be monitoring our plan annually and checking to see if we need to adjust it to the changing requirements.”

Although some of the plans may sound unrealistic like “a pie in the sky”, it is exciting to see positive changes brought to our school. We can’t wait to see how it turns out to be!

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