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ISB Rugby/Touch Teams Gear Up for Singapore IASAS

December 9, 2019

Season 2 has started which means new sports and new teams. Last year in IASAS, our rugby team got 5th place, and our touch rugby team got 6th

place. This year, they are hoping to do better with their new teams with some returning playing and new players. 

Both teams are pushing themselves hard during five days a week of training. Thomas Bulow (12), this year’s Rugby Team captain says “I was really impressed by the turnout of new players and everyone has been really good. The seniors last year will be greatly missed, they were great players and leaders.”

Napat (Fluky) Suwannarung (12) agrees with Thomas Bulow and says, “I’m feeling very confident in the team this year. The overall performance continues to improve exponentially after every game. By the time IASAS comes around, we will be ready to give other teams quite a challenge.” Napat is also impressed about the new player’s performances so far this year. “They are all great additions to the team in their own way. I’m very happy to be playing alongside them this year.”

Now, what’s going on with the girl’s team?

Training hard before the season started in ‘Sunday Touch’, or just practicing passing the ball around, getting ready for the new season. Ashley Bermner (12) captain of this year’s Touch Rugby team says “This year our team is quite young, but we all have very good knowledge and passion for the sport. This year I hope we work out hardest and get the outcome that we deserve.” She seems to be confident about being the leader of the team and also getting first place in IASAS. 

Natalia Yepes (10) says, “I think the team has a lot of new talent, with many experienced freshmen who are really good. I think our team has a lot of potential, but as we don’t have too many returning Varsity players, we need a lot of time to get used to playing together and gain some more experience as a team.” She continues, “There are 7 new players this year, some being more experienced than others. Despite their ability, all of them are really keen to play touch and improve their skills, which I admire. I am really excited for this touch season, and I think all the new players will add a lot to our team this year.”

IASAS is coming up on January 29. For Rugby and Touch, their tournament is in Singapore so be sure to hop on the live stream and show your spirit. Also, Good luck to all the teams at IASAS and bring the gold home!

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