Light Up Night 2016


On January 22nd, Amnesty and Traffic Jam hosted the yearly event: Light Up Night. The event took place in ISB’s garden of tranquility from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. During this time, “Students came to write petitions, listen to the guest speakers, enjoy student performances and eat burgers, all while surrounded by fairy lights and candles; an iconic symbol for Amnesty and hope.” Helen Chang (12)

What is Light Up Night About?

Light Up Night is devoted to raising awareness about human rights issues around the world including human trafficking here in Thailand. The event makes a great night for a fun outing and dinner while getting to learn about eight important human rights cases. “It is a tranquil environment, where you can reflect deeply and be relaxed while eating good food and listening to meaningful music” Isabel Armitage (Izzy) (12).

It was a great event for people to come and learn about the eight different human rights cases that were presented that night. You can find short descriptions on the event’s facebook page: ‘Fight For Human Rights: Light Up Night 2016’, or read even more detailed information which can be found on the official Amnesty International Website:

Not only was entry change free but “Daniel Thaiger sold burgers out of his burger truck; the same burgers that were voted #1 in Bangkok and are sold at the popular venue of Game Over.” Izzy (12) Other than the burgers, there were also “external food for sale, in which all non-company bought food raised money for this issue. The annual candle lighting ceremony also took taking place as well, which is a great opportunity to learn about the issues very close to us while paying our respect.” Izzy (12)

What Made This Year Different Than Any Other?

In the past, Light Up Night has always been hosted by Amnesty, that is until this year. “As both Amnesty and Traffic Jam fall under the Freedom advocacy month, we decided to collaborate with Traffic Jam, which is a club that raises awareness for human beings trafficked within Thailand.” Helen (12) Other than the two clubs collaborating, this year was also the first time that the event has ever brought in the burger truck.

This event was a perfect way to spend a friday night with friends. Whether you were most interested in the food, helping another in need, or the social aspect of the night. It’s not a problem if you missed it this year, as it’s an annual event, and so you can attend it next year!

Chloe S