Is Instagram a Reliable News Source?


Instagram Lock

Social media is an unreliable source. More than half of the population is now able to post through social media what it is they want to share out to the world through numerous social

media platforms which indicate that the source is most likely biased or one-sided. Whether it’s to reshare a post on their story or platform. A lot of people may argue that social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc are reliable sources *cough cough* (Ekaansh). There are over 1 billion users on Instagram monthly who reshare or post misinformation to the public


One example regarding misinformation on Instagram is the Palestine vs Israel conflict. Instagram claims that the current situation in the Palestinian and Israelis conflict had a “bigger impact than expected” throughout the Gaza conflict. The Instagram posts and the stories that are being displayed out for everyone to see were heavily used to spread messages of support for both sides of the conflict. most of the pro-Palestinian messages were alongside those widely re-shared on Instagram stories and posts.  Who’s to say everything that was shared about the situation was true? According to “Arab News”  (  Instagram was rightfully accused of bias by censoring Palestinian content not allowing the Palestinian posts to go up. Instagram has not shown any evidence of taking down any Israeli post against the Palestinians, which indicates that Instagram is trying to hide the other side of the conflict creating more conflict by only allowing half of the story to be let out to the public.

There are 38% of people who use Instagram worldwide.

However, Instagram only 14% of the news (news agencies) share on its platform. Instagram is 83% one-sided news and 81% inaccurate news and they censor 69 % of the real news to not “alarm” its users. Instagram hides news because that’s their way of keeping their followers up and keeping their users on the app. 

Instagram Conflicts

When I go on Instagram and check the stories or posts, everyone posts about the same conflict. An example of that would be, Black Lives Matter, Pride month, Palestine and Israel, the Election, and the most talked-about subject is Covid 19. While everyone posts about the “topic of the month” people don’t post the same information as others nor do they agree with each other. Instagram is a one-sided news source or it’s just inaccurate news being sent out by a bunch of people who want to be a part of the “trending” worldwide conflict.